Panax Video Communication Solutions
Our Services
We are committed to our customers and to providing cost efficient and effective service solutions. Below are the highlights of the key services that the Panax team provides our visual communications customers:
PANAX delivers the best in service and support with certified technicians and cutting edge solutions.

Equipment Integrations and Design:
Through partnerships with the industry's leading video communications equipment manufacturers, such as Vidyo, Polycom, and Haivision, the team at Panax is able to design complete solutions for our customers as well as custom solutions for customers with unique requirements.

Professional Services:
To meet our commitment of ensuring successful interactive communications and to maximize our client's investment, Panax provides a broad portfolio of value-added services.

Implementation Services:
Panax implementation services include, Project Management, Installation Support, Onsite and Remote.

Maintenance Services:
Panax maintenance support services provide solutions to maximize the effectiveness of your visual communication system.